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Choose between our various packages to make your car go shiny bright!

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Car polishing that makes your car shines much brighter than the one next to it! Prior to polishing, we provides a clay & wash to make sure your car is very clean as well!

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Water jet to remove mud and sands. Followed by car shampoo clean with fine sponge to remove dirt & vacuum of your car interior!

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Clean your engine bay, making sure it's as clean as you first took your car today!

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An upgrade from Car Spa & Grooming, Express Wash & Wax provides you with additional fine cut polish and wax layer coating!

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Having trouble with cockroaches making themselves home in your car? Let us help you to get rid of them!

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Get your car cleaned with our chemical free but heat cleaning to remove germs and sanitises your car! An Eco-friendly option!

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