AES Membership

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All New Revolutionary AES Membership!

AES Membership

Imagine you’re stuck in the situation whereby you’re at the side of the highway and not sure what went wrong with your car. The next question that comes to your mind may be, who am I going to call for help?


With the advancement of technology, KGC Workshop is now launching a revolutionary membership programme called Automotive Eco-System (AES) Membership.


AES Membership is more than just an automotive workshop membership. It’s more! It is what we called it the digital workshop.


What is it about?

With the collaboration of Carmen Data Analytics Technology, we are able to access your car health remotely. Giving you the warnings you need and the measures to take before your car breaks down.


We notify you on your car health, before something bad happen to your car, to prevent you stuck in the situation whereby you’re left standing by the side of the road.


We take care of your car so that you can enjoy a peaceful drive!


What if breaks down still happens?

If such unfortunate incident were to happen, we’ve got you covered. AES Membership comes with a lot of perks, which includes

  •    3 times towing / road side recovery
  •    3 times picking up / delivery service
  •    Motor Insurance with 15% Cash Back, on top of your NCD
  •    Car Servicing Package with up to 20% Cash Back
  •    Discounted rate for rental / replacement vehicle
  •    FREE vehicle accident consultation


What other perks are there other the ones listed above?

We are constantly upgrading our list to give you even more perks, which includes services that are non-automotive related! For now, we’ve got Justin the Groomer that helps to pick up your pet for grooming and send back to you! You can contact him at 9899 8829 (Justin Tan)


We are constantly upgrading our list, so keep a look out at our page for more updated info at


For limited time only, there is a $40 OFF the usual price of $128, at $88 if you get our membership now! Simply go over to our membership page to find out more!


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