Chinese New Year 2019: 8 Ultimate Tips To Prepare Your Car

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8 Ultimate Tips To Prepare Your Car This Chinese New Year 2018

It is the biggest event of the year in Singapore typically, and Chinese New Year 2019 is going to be even better with these tips.


Chinese New Year is as much as ang baos and good food. But it also means visiting and traveling around, which you want to feel good driving the car you are comfortable with, able to be proud of.


Here we have compiled 8 ultimate tips - Because it’s Chinese New Year? Huat ah! - to help you out with the checklist of things, ensuring a smooth Chinese New Year ahead!


  1.     Car Wash
  2.     Car Spa
  3.     Spray Painting
  4.     Servicing / Maintenances
  5.     Polishing & Detailing
  6.     Paint Protection System
  7.     Bodykit Modification
  8.     Membership


Car Wash

This goes without a doubt as the number 1 priority on this article. Why would you want to drive a dirty car out for visiting?


Most of the time, you see people doing a last minute car wash at the HDB Multi-Storey Carpark. However, that’s the trick. To ensure that the car is sparkling clean during the first day of Chinese New Year!


Car Spa

If you are willing to spend a bit more and you do not have the time to do the car wash yourself, why not opt for a car spa done by professionals?


There are many businesses out there that will provide this services during Chinese New Year.


At KGC Workshop, we provide this service all year round! You can choose to have your car professionally cleaned with

  • Fumigation
  • Steam Clean
  • Vacuum
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Car Wash with Clay Bar


Fumigation basically kills all the pest like cockroaches in your car! Most cars do have cockroaches even though you don’t eat in your car or you don’t see them! Because fun fact, they feed on our dead cells!


Get your car cleaned with high temperature steam, killing off the bacterial that is in your car! Ensuring a healthier environment to commute in!


Vacuum away all the dust and dirt in your car! This goes without saying.


Upholstery cleaning uses special chemical plus steam cleaning to clear away stains, bacterial and restoring the look of your seats!


We wash your car with clay bar. Clay bar helps to remove stubborn stains that is unable to be removed by just clothes and soap.


You can get our car spa services here through this link


Spray Painting

Some do it for feng shui, some just want a good paint to restore the car paint for a good few years to come.


With 52 years in spray painting business, KGC Workshop ensure quality of our spray painting over anything else. We take pride in our spray painting skills and make sure you’ll love what you see. We can only say, try it to believe what our testimonials say about us.


Servicing & Maintenances

Your car is a machinery that has wear-and-tear inevitably. Regular servicing and maintenances are a good preventive measure to ensure the car goes smoothly in a long run.

We uses oil from HKS, Bardahl, Castrol & Liqui Moly. Lots of choices for you! Price are dependent on the brand you choose and the amount needed for your car!


This Chinese New Year, we’ve come out with special package to ensure your car runs smoothly during your visit, and future commute!


The package includes

  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Air Filter Checks & Clean
  • Brake Checks
  • Air Con Checks
  • Full Car Diagnostic


Get your car checked professionally by us! Contact us now for the best advise!



Polishing & Detailing

If car wash or car spa is not enough for you, why not go for polishing and detailing?


Polishing, as the word suggest, polishes your car to showroom condition, depending on your paint condition. If you are willing, we even provide paint restoration services to bring your car paint to the best possible.

Paint Protection System (PPS)

Paint Protection System is in the trend – in case you don’t know – and is one of the best way to ensure your car paint is properly protected. PPS is more of a preventive measure of your car paint than restoring the look to showroom condition, at some point.


There are 2 main components to PPS, you can choose between Coating or Paint Protection Film.


3K Def

At KGC Workshop, we provide the customized solution from 3K Def. 3K Def coating is specially formulated in Japan, for South-East Asia Countries, especially Singapore, to ensure lasting coating in our unpredictable weather.


Coating typically comes with hydrophobic effect that repels off water, preventing watermarking. It also provides you with the constant polish shine and it’s easier to clean! Which means, car wash is going to take much lesser time needed than usual!


What’s more? 3K Def provides 5 years warranty!


Find out more about 3K Def Coating on their website!


OnerPro Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film has been getting popular these days. In the past, it used to be done mainly on supercars, or track cars.


Reason why it’s somehow exclusive is because of the price. However, the results from it ensure your car stays protected!


Paint Protection Film is just like us having screen protector on our phone, even though we know it’s is scratch resistance these days with the high technology glass for the screen.


Having Paint Protection Film on your car provides you with hydrophobic effect, preventing damages on your car paint and it even provide scratch resistance!


Watch this video to find out more!


Find out more about OnerPro Products at their website!



Modifications (Bodykit)

Modifying your bodykit is one of the best way to improve the look of your car, making it uniquely yours.


There are some stereotyping of having modified bodykit is ah beng car. However there are benefits to just the look of it.


Some bodykits provides better aero-dynamics to your car. With better aero-dynamics, it helps with your Fuel Consumption.


With a spoiler at the back, just like F1 cars, it helps with the stability of your car – when the wind is strong, get it? Lol.


However, there may be some restrictions to the LTA rules on the legal matters of the bodykit. Just check with us and we’ll advise you accordingly.



Lastly, you may want someone to look after your car professionally. KGC Workshop provides membership services that comes with lots of perks, and more to come!


Not only will you enjoy cash back discount on our packages, it comes with 3 times free towing and recovery services.


There are too many to list down here! Find out more at



For more information on advise on your car care, kindly contact us!

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