Chinese New Year 2019: Lucky Colours in the Year of Pig

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Chinese New Year 2019: Find Out Your Lucky Colour In The Year of the Pig!

Have you missed out your chance to change your car’s colour before Chinese New Year? Or waiting for the result of your lucky colour?


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Find out more about your lucky colour for this year! We’ve invited a Feng Shui master from Circle96 this year to learn more about Feng Shui and the lucky colours.


According to Master KK, in the year of the earth pig 2019, there are many opportunities for making a sound business deal. The million dollar question is what are the things I should do to prepare myself to welcome the year of opening. 


As a business people or a salesperson, we understand that our car is also a tool that helps us achieve our goals. The state of our car, the number plate and the colour of our car play an important role. 


In Feng Shui, the cosmic trinity (Heaven, Earth and Man) is the foundation and in the sector of Man; car plate number, car colour are part of it. 


Hence many would wish to know what car colour is able to enhance our luck in the year 2019? There are a few tones that are suitable. However, we would like also highlight that the condition of your car plays an important role as well.


Your current car colour may be in the suggested range, but if the body of your vehicle is in a very sorry state, your luck will not be smooth as well.


The colour suitable for the year 2019 are White, Silver, Gold and Brown. These colours do not take into consideration the date and birth of the car diver, do contact Circle 96 for a precise colour luck analysis.


Lastly, KGC Workshop would like to wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year. May you have excellent health and abundance of wealth in this year of the earth pig!


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