Chinese New Year Promotion Not To Be Missed

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Crazy Chinese New Year Sales by KGC Workshop Not To Be Missed!

Chinese New Year Promotion Not To Be Missed

When it comes to car maintenance, changing of engine oil and oil filter is nothing other than common to car owners. This is considered the basic of car maintenance, other than “zhng” your car into your own unique taste!

Here are some promotion by KGC Workshop that not to be missed! Together with the newly launched KGC Workshop Online Store, getting your car services fixed is easier now. 

KGC Workshop provides driver services, which helps to drive your car, from your location, to the workshop, and deliver it back to you when it’s done. This way, you are sure that your car is properly maintained even though you’re tied down by your hectic work.

1. Bardahl Syn Pulsar-N Full Synthetic Package

This package uses Bardahl Syn Pulsar-N Full Synthetic engine oil. In layman terms, this is the basic oil that keeps your engine running smooth lah.

This package comes in Asia car make version and Continental car make version. With 4L engine oil for Asia car make and 5L engine oil for Continental car make respectively.

Each package comes in 4 times of servicing. If you do your maths, you are basically covered for 1 year! What’s even better is that you’ll become KGC Workshop’s Silver Member, earning more points in the point rebate system and CASH REBATES!

Oh, if you’re kind or just want to share with your friends or family, all packages are transferrable / sharable with them.

2. Bardahl Kiwami R40 10W-40 [RACING] Package

If you think that the normal oil is not going to serve your car well, you may want to opt for this racing version of engine oil by Bardahl.

Like the previous package, this has every details same, just a better engine oil.

3. Liqui Moly TOPTEC 4100 Package

If you’re thinking that Bardahl is not your brand to go for, why not go for Liqui Moly? Like the previous packages mentioned, this package is suitable for both Asia and Continental car make.

However, this package is an extra 6 Litre package for bigger engine size Continental make cars.

All packages mentioned above includes changing of your engine oil (obviously?), oil filter, inclusive of labour fees and we provide diagnostic to your car each time! Oh guess what? Your car doesn’t leave the workshop without the complimentary car wash and vacuum after the servicing are done!

Start saving now with the packages! Purchasing of the package automatically upgrades you to the Silver Member. You are saving everywhere with this promotion. No wonder KGC Workshop name this the Chinese New Year CRAZY Sale!

Find out more about these packages at KGC Workshop’s website now!


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