4 Easy Steps To Guide You In A Traffic Accident

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4 Easy steps you need to remember in a traffic accident so you won't be at lost.

Do not panic when you are involved in Singapore road accident.


Nobody expects to be involved in a traffic accident and when accident occurs, it is natural that emotions and anxiety run high. Here are the 4 easy steps you need to know.


p.s. you can actually start from step 4.


  1.     Stay calm and access the situation
  2.     Exchange information with the other party
  3.     Gather evidence regarding the accident
  4.     Call US!


Stay Calm and Access The Situation

You should call the ambulance immediately (995) in cases involving injuries!


Right after the accident, stay calm and check if there are any injury on all parties involved. You should call the ambulance immediately (995) in cases involving injuries and require immediate medical attention. Do not move the bodies or vehicles while waiting for help.


Cases require police report are

  • Involving Pedestrians / Cyclists
  • Fatalities
  • Victim has to be taken to hospital
  • Damage to government property (Including Government Vehicle)
  • Non-Singapore Registered Vehicle
  • Fatalities


Your police report should contain all information you possess, as detailed as possible as it can serve as an official record. Relevant bodies such as insurance companies and lawyers will be using the record.


Exchange information with the other party

If there are no serious injuries with the other party, exchange information with the driver. You should include information such as


  • Full name
  • NRIC
  • Contact number
  • Address
  • Insurance details


Gather Evidence Regarding the Accident

Evidence of the accident such as taking picture of the accident scene and surrounding. Try to cover as much as possible. Including the damages incurred. Definitely, take note of the number plate of any parties involved.


Don’t miss out the date, time and location of the accident scene. Having the weather and road conditions may help too.


Don’t forget to save your dashcam footages to prevent overwriting in some cameras. Having a good camera helps!


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You can actually do this as the first step once you’re involved in an accident. Our accident / emergency hotlines are 24 hours. Save these number down!



You will receive the guidance you need, including those mentioned above, just in case you’re at lost. We will be arranging towing service for you as well, if necessary. However, if there are any injuries sustained, please call the police or ambulance first, before calling us.


We will analyze your case and guide you along the necessary procedures to file your accident report, and get your car back into shape! 


You can trust us on that because we’ve just won our 5thconsecutive year of Star Merchant Award from SgCarMart.com under Accident Repair & Claims Category.


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