5 Signs To Know When You Need To Overhaul Your Car Engine

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There are many reasons to overhaul your car engine. But you should look out for these 5 signs from your car.

There are many reasons to overhaul your car engine. But you should look out for these 5 signs from your car.

  1. Engine Oil is missing
  2. Your Fuel Efficiency is dropping
  3. Engine sounding weird
  4. Engine overheating
  5. Smoke billowing from exhaust pipe

Before that, let’s find out, what is engine overhaul and do you need it?

Engine overhaul is basically giving your engine a new life. Most engine wears out over time due to heat and normal wear and tear. Some engine deteriorate quicker than others from being driven too hard like a race car. Or it’s affected by not enough engine oil, or lack of maintenance. The list goes on.

In short, everything has a shell life. And your engine is no different. When you notice your engine oil level is always dropping, fuel efficiency is not as good as before or there are weird sound coming from the engine, it’s best to consult a mechanic to check of there is a need to overhaul your engine.

Overhauling your engine is not a simple task. It consist of deconstructing of the engine and having new internal components such as new pistons, piston rings, main bearings, valves and springs. There are many more steps to be listed but just know that other than the engine, everything inside will be new!

The engine is removed from the chassis for this job, instead of leaving it in the chassis of your car. The process typically takes about a week to complete as all parts are dissembled and then fixing them back again.

The benefits of overhauling your engine is pretty obvious. You will enjoy the engine like it’s brand new. Better fuel consumption will be seen. More quieter engine like a new car and the power of your engine will be back!

A good overhaul can last you for another good 5 to 10 years. It’s as if you got a new car all over again for the next decade.

As there are no real timeline on when you should do an engine overhaul. But we suggest that you perform an engine overhaul if you’re going to renew your COE. Because why not?

Here are some of the view you may not seen before. This is how dirty or worn out you may call it when your engine has been working hard for about 10 years.


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