5 Ways To Ensure Your Car Chinese New Year Ready

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5 Ways to ensure your car is ready for Chinese New Year.

No. 4 is often overlooked!

Chinese New Year is around the corner and you are preparing for this! To welcome your family, relatives and friends to your house. Or you've bought new clothings and all ready to go for all the visitings with oranges and ang Bao! The last thing you wish to have happened is to get stuck half way because your car broke down. Here are some pointers to take note of to make sure your car is ready to serve you this Chinese New Year!

  1. Servicing

This goes without saying. Even though we know there are something we would wait till the car starts to show sign of errors before showing up at car workshops to service their car, you typically need to service your car every 3 months, or 10,000km if you’re using full synthetic oil.

Although some might be too busy to get their car fixed during the day and has the mood to stay home over the weekend, there is a new service in town where you can stay wherever you are, and drivers will pick up your car, and send the car back to you when it’s done! 

Bonus! Remember to check when was the last time you got your battery changed! It's advised to change your battery once a year!

Take a look at https://kgcworkshop.com.sg/40-car-services to understand more of this services!

  1. Polishing & detailing

Chinese New Year is the time of the year where you get to meet your friends and relatives that may be just that once a year. Owning a car in Singapore is not an easy task and everybody knows it. You ought to be proud of what you’re riding in!

Getting your car properly groomed allows you to earn extra points when people see your car! New year, new clothes, we can’t actually buy new car anyhow - unless you can - how about a properly groomed car for it!

With all the grooming services available, you will find one that’s suitable for you!

  1. Interior cleanliness

To tap onto properly grooming of your car, interior cleanliness of your car is very important as well! Did you know that pest are residing in your car together with you as well? Even though you may have taken good care of your car, no eating and drinking in car. The pest love to feed on our dead skin as well!

Doing fumigation - kill cockroach in laymen term - make sure all the pest in your car will be dead! It typically doesn’t cost much and it ensure you a clean interior! You can even top it up with nano mist fumigation to make sure your car smell nice!

Find out more about fumigation from the links here



  1. Tyre

Most car owner typically overlook this and this is actually very important! It’s the shoe of your car. You change your shoes once it’s slippery or worn off, you need to ensure this as well on your car.

While we’ve learned during our BTT and FTT on how to check the tyre pressure and how much threads left is considered sufficient, there is actually another trick we love to use that helps you to judge without looking at the tyre.

A new tyre usually are quite quiet, unless you’re using semi-sleek or sleek tyres but those are for racing and is not covered under insurance. So if your ride starts to get noisy while your car is moving, you may want to consider looking at your tyre. 

Remember not to just check the outer side of the tyre. Turn your steering wheel to make sure your wheels are properly exposed on the inner side as well to see carefully.

  1. Mentality

With your car properly taken care of, mentality is the most important factor the come next. As you are happily celebrating your Chinese New Year with your family, relatives and love ones, you start to drink a can of beer or 2. You may start to think thereafter that you will not be so suay to kena road block during Chinese New Year.

However remember, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Even if you’re lucky enough not to kena road block or get into an accident.

Since you’re here, why not check out our servicing package promotion for this Chinese New Year! They are such a loot not to be missed! 



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