Just Collected Your New Car? Here's 6 Poisons For You!

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6 Poisons For Your New Car! Because Your Car Is Worth It!

Just collected your new car? Here’s what you can do to poison yourself!

Whether are you owning a car for the first time or you’ve just changed a new car, you’ll feel attached to the car no matter what and wants the best experience from it. So let us show you some poisons that you may want to consider, because you’re welcome!

1. Laser Shades

We positioned this as one of the most important accessories you should be getting, considering the unforgiving weather of our beloved country. There has been many “chiong” version of laser shades around and we’d recommend you to get the original ones, because it’s almost impossible to spoil.

Find out more about laser shades at the product page link below

2. Paint Protection System (PPS)

There are 2 main types of PPS available in the market. Either you coat, or you wrap it with paint protection film.

Both provides you with almost the same results. Repels water to prevent watermark on your car paint, which the sun will eat into the paint, because it act as a magnifying glass. Gives your car the continuous shine effect, constantly polished car, not bad huh! And with protection film, it prevents stone chips!

3K Def provides you up to 5 years of protections while OnerPro PPF provides you up to 7 years of protection with yellowing resistant on the film!

Of course with the above timeline given, you have to play your part to maintain your car properly as well. Following the maintenance schedule provided is as important as going for your regular servicing.

Contact KGC Workshop friendly advisor for more details regarding this at 

Fadzli - 8189 2987

DJ - 9321 0855

3. Matters Car Mat (Leather)

You may want to go fancy and get yourself some comfortable leather floor mat! Matters car mats is a Singapore company so why not support local isn’t it?

What’s better is the car mat is resistant to many factors, and is easy to clean. You can find out more from the product page below!


4. In-car Camera

With all the topics on Taxis and Private Hirer service such as Grab officially able to put a inward facing in-car camera, a.k.a CCTV, you may want to consider having a in-car cam just to shoot outwards though.

It’s important to have a video recording on the road which will significantly helps when it comes to accident cases, or you just want to upload your kaypoh on social media!


5. TTC Urethane Buffer

Original car suspension provides comfort but however some enhance would provide you with more stability on the road, which means safer.

Merits of Urethane Buffer includes

  • Passing over hump more smoothly
  • Reduce inclination of car while sharp cornering
  • Protect the shock absorber on bumpy roads
  • Reducing fatigue when you drive long distance

Find out more from the product page below


6. The Unique Ride

Modifying of your ride’s look is common as you want the unique ride different from others. Price ranging as low as few hundreds, you can change your bodykit, or add on body kit such as spoiler, side skirt etc. and make your ride uniquely yours, just like our uniquely Singapore.

There may be some restrictions on how legal or illegal your kit may be. Please consult this before installing. However, most of the time, there’re legal so don’t worry about it!

Since you’re here, why not explore our e-commerce section to see what other poisons are there available for you!


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