KGC Automotive Eco-System (AES) Membership

Technology has always been improving day by day and it’s hard to really keep up with what the youngsters may know better than their parents. We revolutionise how automotive workshop should be like. We take care of your car while you enjoy your ride in peace.


Automotive Workshop Membership Just Got Upgraded

With that in mind, we cracked our brain to provide you with the best experience you could have. We made use of technology. Collaborating with our business partner Carmen and brand new partnership, FWD Insurance, now it is the time to get your membership!


Automotive Eco-System (AES)

Introducing KGC Automotive Eco-System (AES) Membership where we help you to take care of your car! Giving you the worry-free driving experience!



With the help of Carmen Data Analytics device, we are able to study and observe your car’s health remotely while you’re driving. This allow us to monitor your car and notify you if there are anything wrong with your car.


With this, you will expect your car’s health to be at tip-top condition!


Find out more about Carmen Data Analytics here!


What’s more?

AES Membership gets to enjoy 



FWD Private / Commercial Car Insurance

FWD offers comprehensive, customisable and affordable car insurance plans with their lifetime 50% NCD guarantee, the best repair warranty and the most comprehensive family protection in Singapore.

FWD insurance also automatically insures anyone you trust to drive you car with the need to name them in the policy.

Click Here 

to know more about FWD Car Insurance, instantly calculate your premium and buy online with the best deal exclusively for KGC Workshop.

Get yours now!

We are pleased to offer you 1 year complimentary of our AES Membership when you renew your insurance with FWD! Simply follow the steps below.

1. Fill up the AES Membership form below and share with us your FWD Car insurance policy number as proof of purchase

2. Upon receiving your application, We will offer you the complimentary AES Membership, commencing (on the 1st of) the month after your policy commencement date.

Example: If you purchase your car insurance policy in March, with a policy commencement date of 10th April, your complimentary AES Membership will begin 1st June 2019.

Else, to celebrate the revolutionary membership, we're giving $40 OFF from the original price at $88 only!

Fill up the form below to begin! It takes about 5 minutes to complete.




AES Membership

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