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Air-Con Servicing

To provide our customer the best air-con maintenance and repair. KGC have bring in the best Air-Con Machine by Kooltec to diagnose and service your air con system. Kooltec able to balance the right amount of air-con lubrication fluid and gas for your vehicle air-con system. As too much or insufficient air-con gas, lubrication fluid is damaging to your vehicle air-con system. Air-con lubrication Oil/fluid is an important component to the air-con system. If shortage of air-con lubrication fluid will cost damage to compressor, condenser, or worst, cooling coil over a period of time. Inefficient Air-con system encourages fungus & Bacteria growth which resulting odour. Pneumonia-related problems irritation, and concentration emission of toxin.

KGC recommend all our customers to do a regular air-con servicing with us every 40,000km or once every 2 years.