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Bodykit Repair & Customize

KGC provides bodykit repair for lower skirt, bumper etc. With competitive prices in the market these days, repairing may not be the cheapest option out there. However, for car models or designs already out of production, KGC offers car lovers who wish to restore their ride to its pristine condition, a bodykit repair solution.

For bodykit modification or customizing, KGC is only able to use FRP to modify/customize, which can be heavy at times. Users intending to go for modification or customization such as WALD body etc, there are chances of crack lines even at the slightest knock around the area.


The internal structure is cut and formed by multiple pieces by FRP to join with the resin as one. This makes up the customized shape and design. Thick layer of putty is then used to cover the joint parts, for touching up, shaping and smoothing of surfaces after sanding.

Although the surface looks perfect, a slight knock around the near could cause a crack. KGC does not provide warranty or guarantee on paint cracks resulting from customization and modification of bodykit.